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I Help Mommas Regain Their Confidence Using Nutrition, Mindset, and Fitness

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Achieving the changes you want to see in life goes far beyond lifestyle and exercise. You need the guidance, support and accountability of a reliable and competent coach to most quickly achieve sustainable success.

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Vibrant health is not some mysterious destination, its a well-informed and fully-equipped daily decision that begins with an honest assessment of where you’re at

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The NEW YOU is
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Whatever you’re struggling with in terms of health and wellness, hope and help is available. In my experience as a Health Coach, I believe positive change is always possible – regardless of what you’ve tried in the past, and perhaps even what you’ve been told in the past. In your Health Coaching sessions, we work together – as a team – to explore your options and opportunities for change, to evaluate and implement new protocols for healthier living, and most importantly to restore your confidence in yourself.  You already have the super-powers you need to succeed – together, we’ll unlock your powers and put them to work!

Weight loss and nutrition counseling

Wellness training and workshops for individuals, small groups, and teams

Meal planning, shopping, and prepping for success

Setting and achieving goals for mind and body wellness

The perfect compliment to physical training

1-to-1 Coaching

Private, personal and highly customizable, 1-on-1 coaching with Erinn will put you on a solid path to achieving your health and wellness goals, with realistic solutions tailored specifically for you.

Team Coaching

Perfect for youth sports, home groups, and office teams – learn the secrets of reading labels, better options for snacks and eating out, how to speed post-workout recovery, and much more!

Kitchen Tuneups

Keep your pantry and fridge stocked like a pro, by learning which foods to choose, which to avoid, and creative substitutions that are both healthy and delicious!

Goals & Dreams

Many people have lost the courage to dream, and have lost belief in themselves – have you? You can rewrite the programs, and rediscover the true YOU.

What Is Health Coaching
And Who Needs It?

Health Coaching with Erinn Lynam can be as simple as achieving a few short-term health goals, or as in-depth as lifelong health and wellness transformation. You set the pace and trajectory of your journey, Erinn provides the information, techniques, motivation and accountability you need for success.

Can you help me lose weight?

Help with weight loss is one of the most common requests I receive, and one of the most misunderstood aspects of overall health and wellness. Not all weight loss is good, nor is all weight gain bad. Your weight is a result of many factors; some factors can be easily controlled, some cannot. Once we determine what’s within your control, and how aggressively you wish to pursue your weight loss goals, we’ll develop and implement a simple plan to help you get there.

Can you help with a spcecific medical condition?

I am not a medical practitioner, and do not offer medical advice. As your Health Coach, I help you understand, evaluate, and implement diet and lifestyle options that positively impact your overall health and wellness; and to do that most effectively requires full awareness of any medical conditions you currently face, or have concerns about.

Do you offer personal / physical training?

Physical activity is a hallmark of good health, and a key component of any healthy lifestyle. So while I don’t offer “personal training” as a service, we do cover physical activity in detail during our Health Coaching sessions, and include the same in your wellness planning.

How long does Health Coaching last?

Health Coaching sessions are typically one hour each, on a weekly schedule. In my experience, 4 sessions are the absolute minimum for initial evaluation and planning. Developing and implementing a comprehensive health and wellness protocol requires 6-8 sessions. Ongoing maintenance sessions are typically once per month, and as the need arises.

How much does Health Coaching cost?

Your initial coaching session is complimentary. Standard sessions are $60/ea, or $200 for a block of four sessions.

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About Erinn

Erinn Lynam is on a mission to help everyone she meets live healthier, longer, and happier lives! Erinn first became passionate about health and wellness when her dad and step dad were diagnosed with stage 4 cancers the same month; one of whom passed away a few months after diagnosis.

Experiencing the treatments and results of these dreaded diseases exposed Erinn to the amazing power of the human body to resist illness and disease, heal itself from sickness and injury, and exist in a state of optimum health – when given what it needs to do so. Soon her driving passion and life goal became learning all she could about nutrition, exercise, and the power of mind – and teaching others that our medical histories and family trees need not determine our future health and wellness.

“Not only is it possible to slow aging, find alternatives to pharmaceuticals, prevent disease, and live with vitality – it is entirely within our power to do so!”

That is Erinn’s heartfelt conviction, and why she loves spending every day educating and empowering people to take charge of their own health – and their family’s health – to live better, happier, longer lives together!

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